Being leader of software services and products CodeAchi relies on strong return policy, to ensure client satisfaction with every purchase. When we receive a return request from the customer, we first forward it to the customer support, as an initial response to the issue cited by the client. However, if the product is still found unsatisfactory to the customer, return may be processed.

Authorized Re-Seller

An individual or a business firm who has authorization to resell products of CodeAchi Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The authorized resellers are enlisted in our website.


An individual who purchases a product from CodeAchi online through CodeAchi’s official website or through CodeAchi’s authorized resellers.

Link Download

The link downloaded through the website or through email sent by CodeAchi or on behalf of authorized resellers or payment gateway on purchase of the product(s) online. The link in any case consists of the link to the full version of product(s) and credentials (if required) for activating the product/software.

We highly recommend the use of Demo Version.

Procedure for Refund

The client as defined in above has the right to ask for refund/money back for the product(s) for the 30 days from the date of purchase, if your case falls in the following refund guidelines.

  • It is important that the purchase may be done directly through CodeAchi or resellers of CodeAchi only.
  • CodeAchi will not take responsibility for the following:
    • After the purchase, you don’t require the software anymore.
    • Software purchased accidentally, not required now.
    • You wanted to purchase another software.
    • Faced troubles operating the software.
    • Software not suitable to the platform used by you.
    • Delay in license key processing due to server down.
    • Software requirements do not match your system.
  • Refund will be made only on the following conditions:
    • If the demo version was functional fully but same features were not functional in full version.
    • If customer cares support failed to provide any solution to the issue.
    • CodeAchi is not responsible for misinterpretation of clause, mentioned in the website.
    • Refund claim shall be made within 30 days of purchase of product.
    • If any license key is not working then a solution will be provided for that.

Refund is will not be considered in case of the following:

  • If the software is bought without using the trial version, refund cannot be claimed.
  • If all features perform well, except one or (maximum) two, the problem can be resolved, but refund cannot be executed.
  • Refund is only permissible in case of failure of both product performance and support services.
  • If, the software is deleted or uninstalled from the system, then no refund will be processed. It may also call for re-licensing, in case.
  • The late delivery of the license key, may be due to certain unforeseen factors, cooperation from client is solicited.
  • Consumers falling under any discount category, cannot claim for refund.
  • In case, the software product is misused or if the license is misused, then it might lead to legal implications on part of the client
  • CodeAchi is not responsible for any promotional texts of its products on websites, blogs, videos, social media, whatsoever.
  • Refund claim may not be accepted in certain cases, if purchased from a reseller.In that case, payment gateway is required to judge the authenticity.
  • Refund will be paid through account transfer only.