Why you should purchase a Library Management Software

There is number of options in the internet, many of them are free! But wait, let us know the pro and cons sides of free software.

You may be keen to save some investment for your library software, and its great to save money for your organization!
But, is anything really be free? may be! but unfortunately most of them are not! Creating a software is not a easy task, it takes lots of hard work, research, skills and investments to develop them, So honestly it can’t be free. So don’t be fooled by the word “free”, its may be exciting but not worth at the end. A software always makes money in 5 different ways:

1. Donation: Most Opensource project often ask for donation to use their software after certain time.
2. Hiding fees behind every feature: So you are excited that you have found a free software, but soon you will be disappointing that the feature you wanted the most is asking for payment.
3. Stealing your data: In this era data is money! And this is the mostly used method used by free software. So your data will be leaked without your knowledge.
4. Infecting your computer: Some program even can infect with dangerous viruses to your computer to make money.
5. Selling them with all information: So you know before your purchase what you are paying for and how much you are paying.

So, yes there is something is happening either of them. Now, matter is you can choose which is good for you.
CodeAchi is a well known brand a verified desktop application publisher, so you are secured in all the way. Our data privacy policy ensure your data gets the most priority in terms of security. Beside that you are purchasing the most reasonably priced software available anywhere, and we don’t hide price behind the feature. At the same time software is fully featured all function that you may have imagined to have in your software, don’t believe try the software for 30 days without any cost! And our price is not hidden behind request quote/ en-query form so you pay the original and price that paid by all our clients.

There is one suggestion if you have made your wish list of library software research well are they going to charge in may mean way or not so you be happy. We are proud for our customer support and our client loves it.

So a free software have only pro side its free(you know how), but cons are endless the worst thing can encounter is you will found none to complain if something bad happens with you! So, in my suggestion chose your software wisely!
Save your time and dedicated effort searching for free product there is none!

Please feel free to comment if any we will try to response as soon as possible. Chat with our customer support for any en-query you have in your mind.

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