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So, you are looking for a school library software, let me help. At a school its is vital to maintain the records of the usage of the items in the library as that is helpful to understand the mostly used and  not used items in the library. A digitally maintained library is capable of generating report of the library in mater of minutes. This helps the management take decision over library asset and also help them apply for various compliance standards.

Also, a library is the source of knowledge, so it makes the opportunity to the user to gather more knowledge in affordable price. Maintaining records of books, CD, DVD, journals becomes very easy as well as getting their status at real time at your ask. This also helps students to get their books from the library quicker and also it helps them return the book in time using the email/SMS notification system.

Now, the biggest challenge for management to agree on investing Library software, as most of the library software comes with a height cost. So, CodeAchi LMS is the Library Management software which resolves all your problem with manual maintained library. This software have all the capability you need to establish a quality information system between students, teacher, management, and stocks.  You will have the all required functions at your finger tips to manage your library with CodeAchi Library Software.

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Lets discuss further about some useful feature of this software:

School Library Software Features

There is lots of features are available in this software, let us discuss some of them:

 A. School Library software with barcode

Yes! that’s right you can easily print and stick barcodes within the software using your existing Laser printer. You do not require any spacial printer to print barcode. Only you need to purchase A4 size label printing paper which is also available in every paper mart / online stores. This software support various label size from 24L, 30L, 42L, 65L which cover 24, 30, 42, 65 labels/ A4 sheet respectively. You can use any barcode scanner of your choice with this software which gives you flexibility to chose hardware as per your budget and need.

Also this software prints QR code, and support QR code scanner as well.

B. School Library Software with Member Management

CodeAchi LMS has all the features built in to manage your Member wisely. You can categorize the member in order to give limited access and also you can define different fine amount for a category of library member. So, in depth you can create two category of Student and Teacher  and you can define which category of the items you want them to have access to.

C. Rack and Location Management

This is one of the most useful function that CodeAchi LMS provides.There are so many books in a library. It is not possible to manage all of them manually.Why worry when you have an amazing school management software like  CodeAchi LMS. To makes things easy there is an identification number attached to every book.It also includes a rack number for easy location of the book.

This is particularly very important.The reason is  that there can be multiple copies of a same book.The identification number will take you to the right book and locate it correctly.Helps user to identify which rack has the book been placed. A a matter of fact, whenever the book will be searched it will show which rack the book belongs. It helps you to find the right book and place it back to the exact position.

D. Catalog Management

Using the software you can manage your catalog/Items stock without any problems. The digital cataloging system  of CodeAchi LMS helps you

  • To find a book, through an author, title, or subject.
  • To choose a particular book based on the choice of edition.
  • To choose a book based on author or subject or genre.

In contrary to manual activities, this process saves a lot of time and makes the library more efficient.

E. Online Public Access Catalog- OPAC

An Online Public Access Catalog  acts as an online database of books, CDs, magazines, stationery and other related items. Previously, in schools a traditional card catalog used to prevail. The book details used to be in numerous drawers. OPAC lets the users access all the books and materials at the comfort of their home across the world. CodeAchi is an offline software, but we do provide OPAC services at a nominal server charges.


F. Paperless circulate or issue item

Now , that the books are cataloged, they are ready to be given out to the patrons.The process is known as circulation. It is important for a school library software to to ensure authentic circulation processes. CodeAchi LMS has an excellent circulation system. It eases out the job of a librarian within a single mouse click.In contrary to the traditional system, where a long queue would be visible outside the library, only to borrow books. With CodeAchi LMS, your school library is digitally sound. The racks are properly managed.The librarian does not have to roam around to search for a particular book.You search for it and you know  where it is kept.

There are much more to a library than just borrowing or issuing books.There are also functions like reports, fine collection, re-issue, tracking records of damaged or lost books and the like. CodeAchi LMS provides you a package of functionalities that lets your school library smart and easy to manage at the same time.

G. Budget

Last, but not the least.You need to finalize your budget before going for a product.You need check out the features you are expecting from the same.Often, products fail to satisfy the target users.A School Library Software is a product that will probably remain with you for the eternity to come.When you fill your data base, it will only keep on accumulating, instead of decreasing.Changing a product with a humongous amount of data is not suggested.And often not affordable. Therefore, you must take a wise decision.

Also you must keep in mind about the user experience.Always go for a product that will be comfortable to your staff. It will be operated and executed by them. Therefore, please consider consulting with your staff for better insights.

CodeAchi LMS, has a pricing and packages that takes care of needs and requirements of all schools. Please visit the following links to about packages and pricing of CodeAchi LMS.

Software Summary

  • Book issue/return/re-issue

Circulations or the process of book issue/ return/ re-issue, is the foundation of a library. CodeAchi LMS automates this process. The librarian maintains details of books in the software. Whenever there is a requirement, the librarian will only have to fetch the details. He/ she will just have to search the books to know about book availability. Also, check whether books are available or not or when are they ready to be returned. Accordingly they can notify the members.

  • Back up and Restore database

The creators of CodeAchi LMS understand that your data is vital. Therefore, we have taken utmost care in keeping your data safe from unwarranted loss. When you install CodeAchi LMS, the data is already stored in a back up drive of your choice. In case of an accidental loss, you can retrieve your data any time.

  • Rack management

It is difficult to find books simply by only knowing their names. In CodeAchi every book has details along with rack numbers. The librarian check the details and can easily locate the book in the corresponding rack. This gives an easy advantage to the librarians to not only search the books but also put it back.

  • Email sending options

CodeAchi LMS provides the facility of sending email notifications about various instances.That may include sending notifications about approaching dates of return, fine dues, events like seminars and the like.

  • OPAC

CodeAchi has looked into all aspects of user friendliness. Students and teacher members alike can search for their books anytime using OPAC. This is an additional on feature, charges are extra.

  • Identity card generation

All your members require having an identity card. With CodeAchi LMS you don’t have to go to external vendors, for getting identity cards. As soon as you fill the details of a member, you can instantly print their photo identity card.

  • Add member/cancel membership

Members of your school library is not all about your students only. It includes teachers and other staffs also. CodeAchi LMS gives you the opportunity to add multiple staffs according to various categories.As an when required the membership can be cancelled as well.

  • Report generation

The users can view reports by student, staff, book, issue book, reissue book, return book, member activities. Once the reports are generated it can be printed on an A4 size paper or saved as pdf.

  • Multiple system support

CodeAchi LMS supports multiple PC. If you are using the premium version, all you have to is to connect the LAN. Extra license charges are dependable for each PC,  that you wish connect the software.

  • Bar code printing

Barcode labels are pasted on each books and materials. The bar code reader reads it. The details are useful in circulation. In CodeAchi LMS, you can print the bar code by rack wise, or accession number. The bar code shows details of books, borrower’s details, for instance.

  • Edit/remove books

The way you can add books, similarly, you can edit books any time or remove books according to your convenience.

  • Search books

CodeAchi LMS relieves from the manual task of searching, the name, session, admission year and so on. You can click at one go to find the desired book and materials.

  • Manage supplier details

In a library you also need to maintain supplier details of books and materials. All details like supplier details are saved systematically at one place.The payments, dues and invoices of the suppliers can be maintained easily.

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