Library management in school

A school library is a study space within school premises.  Here the school students, staff, and sometimes, parents of have access to a variety of study resources. It is one of the most important tasks of the librarian and staffs to properly arrange the books in the library. Proper maintenance  makes it easier for both the staff and the readers.

Library Management

School library exists to provide learning prospects for every student in the school irrespective of classes. It serves as a learning spot for students to do their study, use computers, research materials etc.

Problems of school library management

There are some problems of library management in school which restricts the school libraries to provide a better service to the readers.

Space requirement

Firstly, library collections need to be diverse in terms of subject matter.  This is how, a library can provide resources for the needs of all learners. It can also draw existing and new readers. But as a matter of fact the requirement of huge space is there to serve better.

Maintenance Cost

Secondly, to maintain the vast collection of books, the school management needs to appoint number of library staffs. As a result, it maximises the maintenance cost of the school.

Loss of resources

Loss of books and study materials is one of the most serious problems of library management in schools. Without using a proper way, it’s sometime becomes a genuine problem of keeping record of books and other study materials.

Library Management Software

Library Management software manages the internal operations of the school Library. The school can complete tasks like purchase of materials, books and periodicals in the library. It can work on cataloguing and maintenance effectively. Library administration can manage library information proficiently. With this system, students can borrow study material through a organized method.

Advantages of Library Management Software

A proper Library Management has lots of advantages. It helps in maintaining the record of the book issued and list of available books in the library. This system also helps the librarian to find out any particular study material at any time.

This type of Library Management can be tailored according to individual requirements. The user friendly interface and fast service is really very helpful for the library personnel.  With its help, the books can be arranged according to the genre, author’s name, manuscript group, publisher and so on.

Library maintenance software  has barcode system. With barcode, library staffs can track records of book issue date, book return date, categorise books in different genres, quantity of book issued, books availability, collection and calculation of individual fine.

School library management enables school administrators to overview the library department’s performance. It also allows librarians and students to make the most of time and efficiency. By using this type of system, the school authority would be able to understand the work chart and excellence of librarians as well.

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