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IT industry has always been on the verge of considering one technology and another. This has been the most fascinating feature of the IT domain. As a result IT personnel as well as the general users must keep in touch with the latest upcoming technologies. Let us have a look at the latest technologies in IT.

Virtual reality or augmented reality is something that we all have heard of in recent times. Recently, there has been Pokémon game where people have been out on the streets to catch a Pokémon. Or in a movie theater where you wear specialized glasses that gives you a taste of reality, is recent progress in virtual reality.  Virtual reality is being utilized globally in many sectors such as medical science, education sector, military, sports and other sectors as well.

It is very import and for you to track your users, with modern web browsers providing more and more features to attract users towards them. Their behavior tracking is very important to seek better attention to any product that you are trying to sell. To be precise, it is advisable, that you optimize the software for a large number of your visitors/viewers. Considering the user behavior that can vary largely among consumers, they have their own preferences and choices. Any kind of predictability depends upon any empirical data. User behavior tracking can please, if not all, majority of clients.

Most advanced among latest technology spreading across the web design domain because of easy deployment and flexible customization. Motion based UI helps draw user attention to the content on your website. An animation makes the website attractive and interactive and calls for more user response like using taps and swipes. These features make your website or application more engaging to the client.

These apps arte hosted on user’s servers without any need to update it on app stores. The most important feature of these apps are that these have capabilities like offline working, background refresh feature, fast loading speed, push notification and install ability.

Popular as a digital ledger for crypto currency. It allows better transparency as every transaction is recorded publicly, diminishes any corruption. Hence, it facilitates, integrity, as everything activity is archived and authorized as every person is allowed to working system. In this system, no third party access is encouraged, thus, promoting security in all transactions. Immutability – a third-party cannot make any changes to the system.

AI and machine learning is a field that is growing immensely. It is one of the disciplines that have gained much attention in the past decades. Artificial intelligence as a method of data analysis is widely used in data analytics. Machine learning enables appropriate forecast of data. Machine learning utilizes statistical analysis to receive inputs and predict output values. Widely used by big industries, it is more popular with data mining and also for common day online shopping.

Technology changes on a daily basis. Keeping pace with it is an art. CodeAchi Technologies has been very adaptable to changing technologies and smoothly executing the same, to clients, across the globe. If you have a query or project in hand, please follow the link below.




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