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Job in Asansol for fresher

We understand that being fresher is the toughest part of your career. Fresher can be confused at times, but we take care of that problem. In this blog, we are going to provide you job opportunities that help you find job in Asansol for fresher.

Software Jobs

Asansol have close-knit startup communities which help youth in Asansol to find a place in the It industry easily. Companies like CodeAchi Technologies Pvt Ltd have provided job opportunities for software developers. If you are a software professional and looking for jobs in Asansol, you can drop your CV at CodeAchi Technologies.

  •  PHP Developer

  •  0-2 year of experienced
  •  Advance knowledge in Core PHP
  •  Should have knowledge in Laravel and CI framework
  •  Knowledge in Javascript, Jquery and Bootstrap
  •  Mysql database knowledge
  •  Good Communication Skills

  • .Net Developer

  •  0-2 year of experienced
  • Basic programming in .NET (VB, C#)
  • Basic concepts of MVC structure
  • Basic of SQL
  • Problem solving capabilities are required
  • Good Communication Skills

Depending upon your qualifications and experiences, you can get your call.

Telecaller Jobs

With the establishment telecom industries a large number of telecaller jobs in Asansol have appeared in the vicinity. As a telecaller you will spend a typical day at work interacting with clients and customers over the phone. Telecallers either work at call centers  as marketing/sales agents or customer care agents. If you have good communication skill, you can surely try your hand at telecalling sector.

Marketing executivea

A job role that gives you varied work opportunities and enhance your professional skills is the one that of a marketing executive. It is die hard requirement in any industry you look at in Asansol. Right from garment to pharmacy, marketing executives are important everywhere. Essentially, working as a marketing executive is all about how you strategize your work. You must be dynamic to get things done. Marketing jobs offer good salary and better incentives.

BPO jobs

BPO jobs falls in the most popular categories of jobs. All businesses, especially in the IT industry progress through BPOs. BPO jobs are not always about voice processes, but, there are plenty of jobs in non-voice services as well. The jobs available are telecallers, consultants, data entry operators, accountings and many others. There are many IT companies in Asansol offering BPO jobs in Asansol.

Job in Asansol for female

Female candidate often are in search for jobs in Asansol, but not always aware about job opportunities. In this blog we have taken efforts to provide you with job opportunities most suitable for females.

Content writer

Content is the most sought after profession for female. You can sit at home and work or you can even go to office to perform your tasks. At CodeAchi Technologies Pvt Ltd. You can try becoming a content writer. Following are the requirements:

  • MA in English/Any Graduate or from C.B.S.E./I.C.S.E./English medium background
  • Creative thinking.
  • Creative idea
  • Good Communication Skills
  • New and authentic ideas of writing
  • Research capabilities on topics are needed
  • Team work capabilities are preferable


Asansol, has been a hub of schools, colleges and other educational institutions since the times of Britishers, all you need is a Graduate degree and a B.Ed degree if you want to pursue your career in schools. Many reputed schools such as Loreto Convent, Assembly of God Church, St.Patricks and also many other government schools that can help you get a teaching job in Asansol. Besides, this there are colleges and other educational institutions that help you with your pursuit. If you have the teaching skills you can look for teaching jobs in Asansol.


Is there anyone in today’s time that does not visit a beauty parlor, it stands true, especially for ladies. If you are a professional beautician you have the talent of grooming a person from top to toe, and you have a flourishing prospect in Asansol as a beautician as well as an entrepreneur.


Skilled receptionists are in demand today, and top candidates don’t stay in the job market for long. As a result, it’s now very important to identify the qualities you’re looking for in a receptionist before starting your search for the perfect candidate. By using very clear criteria, hiring managers can identify the right prospect faster- and act more quickly to avoid losing a great receptionist to competing job offers.

Jobs in Asansol showroom

Jobs in Showroom: Jobs in Asansol showrooms are quite popular . There numerous showrooms for two-wheelers and four-wheelers alike. Showrooms such as Automoovers Bajaj , Pinnacle Honda. Since, these industries are quite blossoming, as there is much demand in the vehicle industries, there are multiple portfolios, like sales, marketing, customer relationship centre and many more posts. The best part of doing jobs in showrooms that you get all the social security benefits like PF, ESI, Medical facilities, laundry charges, travel allowances that add on to the benefits.

Jobs in Asansol Galaxy mall

With the upcoming of Asansol Galaxy Mall, jobs in Asansol Galaxy Mall have gained prominence. Availability of jobs in malls in Asansol ranges from  Front office, back office, sales, hospitality, maintenance staff jobs. You can also get managerial posts depending upon your experience and qualifications. At jobs in malls you get the opportunity  potential to earn an executive level income along with full training & support from experienced professionals.

Back office jobs in Asansol

Back Office jobs: Back office personnel, you have to generally handle the administrative aspects of a business. This  includes human resources, data entry, accounting In addition, back office employees take care of the internal processes of a business, such as information technology. This is a most sought after jobs for graduates. Almost all companies in Asansol provide back office jobs and there is a requirement for back office jobs in every organization. There are many companies in Asansol hiring candidates for their back office functions.

Why back Office jobs would be beneficial for you?

  1. Opportunities to work with various departments especially in the operations architecture. You can be highly instrumental in organizational activities.
  2. Hr, payroll, attendance management will be managed by you, ensuring employee welfare and work life balance.
  1. As an administrative staff you can ensure, canteens, washrooms, and reception areas are kept well maintained at all times.
  2. You can be responsible for legal compliance.
  3. Accounts too are tremendously significant department that takes care of the financial transactions that are carried out in an n organization on a daily basis.

Part time jobs Asansol

1. SMS Sending Jobs:

Firstly you have to register with a SMS sending company or website. You can go for a registration while doing SMS as part time jobs in Asansol. If you are student who has passed  HS or higher can earn 7K-15K money by doing at home SMS sending jobs.

2. Freelancer Office Jobs:

These days Govt. and Not Govt. offices In Asansol are hiring Freelancer works for few month of time. You can apply to them and work relaxed with your college studies or other engagements.

  1. Become a Professional Blogger:

If you look up the internet you will find numerous professional bloggers earning through their blogs.  Now, if you think there is no end to imagination and love exploring your writing then blogging is just for you. All you sign up with Word Press or blogger and start making money either by Google Ad sense similar marketing.

  1. YouTuber or Vlogger:

There are not much YouTube channels made by Asansol citizens. Since you know that  YouTube is a huge platform for video sharing and watching, but you can earn with YouTube as well. Choose any topic make videos, get likes, shares, subscription on those videos. As beginner you can start earning f 100$ to 200$ per month.

  1. Teaching Assistant:

Teaching jobs are very popular in Asansol owing to the numerous presences of schools. These days almost every school and college hiring freelancer teaching.

Assistant or Lab assistant for the computer lab, physical lab. or chemistry lab. You can apply as per your study niche. If you are an IT student then you should try yourself to be as a computer lab assistant on your campus. It does not only help to find a passive income but also it’s a source of learning computer hardware and networking system with your regular study.

  1. Be an actor or model:

If you  like to pose and you think you have that spark in you. You can try your chance in becoming an actor or model. This can be an unconventional opportunity to try for part time jobs in Asansol. Many companies in Asansol are now hiring part time actors or model you can join them and get some extra to increase your pocket money.

Jobs in Asansol Burnpur

  1. Hydel Power : Hydel Power plants in Damodar and Panchet are great sources of hydel power plants in Asansol.This has opened paths for Government jobs In Asansol subdivision.
  2. Thermal Power : Dishergarh PowerPlant In Asansol subdivision one thermal power station is situated at Dishergarh named ‘Dishergarh Power Plant Station’ to meet the local demand of power in diverse engineering industries of Asansol. This has not only contributed to the energy generation in the area but also have been a great source of employability in Asansol, Durgapur, Burnpur and other nearby states.
  3. Steel : IISCO Steel plant in Burnpur and Kulti revolutionized, the job dimensions in Asansol, Burnpur, Durgapur. Steel industry is the third largest producer of quality steel and also the major employment sector for engineers, technicians , officers, workers.
  4. Coal : Coal India Limited (CIL) MAHARATNA Public Sector Undertaking under Ministry of Coal, Government of India, is the single largest coal producing company in the World and the largest company employer with approx 3.8 lakh staff, contributing around 85% of the whole coal production in India. It offers jobs primarily in onshore and offshore coal mining and also in finance, HR, marketing, legal,rajbhasha.

By using following methods you can search for any job in Asansol easily

1. Online job portals

You can discover employments utilizing on the websites like,, and numerous more different locales. In the event that you are a fresher, at that point is the best choice for you. To discover a vocation on such destinations, first you need to enroll and make work profile. (On the off chance that you don’t have the slightest idea, how to enroll on those activity entries, then simply told me by remarking.

2. Newpapers

Aside from online portals, you can discover work opportunities in daily papers like, The Times of India,The Hindu,Indian Express.Daily papers have distinctive areas for employment opportunities. Some daily paper prints work opening day by day and a few daily papers print on a week after week premise. For the most part you can discover Civil and Mechanical occupations there.

3. Job Consultants

Numerous Indian organizations procure workers through consultancy services. Along these lines, you can discover situation office and present your activity profile. The greater part of such consultancies  don’t charge, yet some situation offices have a few charges for their services.

4. References

By utilizing references you can discover work in India. Today, a large portion of the organization’s first contract representatives by references and after that by different ways.

In this way, you can contact your relatives, seniors who are doing jobs in Asansol and approach them for any opportunity in their organization or association. Numerous organizations give referral reward to their workers.

5. Check company’s career page

This is likewise unusual compared to other approaches to discover a career for the freshers and in addition experienced applicants. Numerous  companies in Asansol provide a career page where you can drop your CV.  To apply for such a jobs, possibly you need to enroll on their company site or send your CV straightforwardly to them on given profession email id.

6.  LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an exceptionally prominent long range informal communication site for experts. You can discover a large number of occupations. On LinkedIn You can discover organization profiles and the representatives working inside that organization. You can look and apply employments posted by organizations. Be that as it may, before applying you need to make profiles on LinkedIn like and

7. Facebook

As we realize that Facebook is an extremely famous site these days and we can utilize it for looking through an occupation! Many management level executives use their Facebook account. Likewise, there are such a large number of pages and Groups on Facebook where you will land data on positions and opportunities.

8. Campus placement

I think, every one of you well mindful about this. Numerous companies contract representatives from the college campuses. You must keep in mind that what course you want to pursue. In the event that you previously gone out, at that point you can join Asansol Engineering College or some other colleges offering professional courses.

9. Walk-ins/off campus

In off campus placement there is no call letter, no CV shortlisting or nothing something to that effect! You can go specifically to company on given date and time and go to the interview

Candidates are advised to exercise persistence and make your mind up throughout the whole job-seeking process. Success may not arrive at the first step, so all that you can do is try again and again. The most important thing is to keep trying and not to lose heart. Rejection is an possibility that stares in the face of all job-seeker at every step. The earlier you understand this, the quicker would you be able to get a job.


I hope, this blog would be helpful for looking for jobs in Asansol. All the best for your job search.

**Any information available is based on data available over the internet, CodeAchi Technologies does not claim any responsibility whatsoever**

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