Inventory Management Software

What is inventory management?

The process of managing your inventory and stock is called inventory management. It is a component of supply chain management, and involves things like controlling and overseeing inventory as well as storing, controlling the amount of product for sale.

Things to look out for in inventory management software:

When you are deciding to buy inventory management software, you have to choose wisely. It Is undoubtedly a crucial part of your retail operations.Following things are to look for when choosing a retail software:


As a business owner not practicing proper inventory, may lead to ‘dead inventory’. In, fact if you have those products that are raw materials, you are more at a risk, as they may expire or get damaged. Beverages, grocery, bakeries are some of business facing such risks. Therefore, you as a serious businessman is definitely important to understand how much stock you have and ways to manage your inventory. That’s why inventory management software are so popular, nowadays. Therefore, investing in the right inventory management software become all the more important.

Barcoding  feature in-built inventory management system is something to look out for. A barcode management system, especially in inventory management, promotes effective inventory tracking. It is imperative for all industries. Barcode are storage of information, therefore all your information are safely stored. It definitely, helps you to take quick decisions about which products to discard or re-order, thus saves wastage’s as well as promotes customer satisfaction.

An accounting integration to inventory software is an enhancement that helps operate and manage your financial functions besides managing your inventory. Irrespective of the size and type of your organization, you need to manage our accounts. An accounting software takes away all your manual pains and helps in reducing the costs of manpower,improves quality of work, and encourages transparency.

Why  CodeAchi EasySell an ideal inventory management software for you?


One of the major benefits of a CodeAchi Easy Sell is to help keep you in track of your inventory and give you a centralized view of stocks across different channels of sales. Helping you to find out quantity of stocks and where it is placed. Allocation of specific channel of sales makes it easier to even manage your warehouse.

Cost control is not always about cutting your budget but also doing away with products that take up your extra shelf space. This helps keeping back orders and excess inventory at bay. And it is very important factor for maintaining and increasing the profitability.

With already enabled barcode  CodeAchi EasySell you can easily obtain quick and better data, also, you can anytime customize any other information according to your choice. You can easily find your product quickly and easily, on the basis of the information stored in barcode.

When you have CodeAchi EasySell, you do not have to bother much about stock expiry, because you are already tracking it. You never have to hold back your delivery because of shortage of stocks.You  can update your inventory as per requirements and thus you never suffer a face loss in front of your client.

With CodeAchi EasySell, inventory management, your manual labor gets reduced. You do not require employees to take care of your inventory and stocks. This often results in unfortunate errors. Now you can age your inventory all by yourself without any external help.

CodeAchi EasySell as an inventory management is extremely reasonably priced. The price we are offering has made in need of all business holders, small, medium as well as large scale business. Plus, you get so many additional features that help manage your entire business, smoothly  and efficiently.


Today, inventory management has become fundamental for the endurance of a business. It might not apparently seem so but losing control over your inventory may lead to big time loss. Therefore, it is advisable for businessman to take control of your inventory. Try, CodeAchi EasySell, its free.

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