Introduction to CodeAchi Library Management System

A Library Management System that is loved by thousands of Librarians around the globe! Yes you are at the right place, if you are looking for a Library Management System for your library. This library software is very easy to use and you do not even required to be a trained librarian to manage your library if you are using this software. You can issue books and return books using a Barcode/QR scanner, meaning it will take less than 5 second to complete a transaction. Automate everything in your library using this system.

At CodeAchi Technologies, we understand that after sale support is the main issue Librarians often stuck into with our competitive software’s. So, we take our Support system very seriously, and we don’t want to lose any of our users!

This software have both Offline and Online version you can chose depending on your requirements and budget. CodeAchi also known for making budget friendly world class software for

CodeAchi Library Management System also known as CodeAchi LMS, You can refer to the reviews posted by our users verified by 3rd party sites also.

To provide a software that is very easy to use . Powerful. Easy on user scale.That was the idea behind this project. We have done extensive research, taken numbers of reviews time to time from different Librarians, library officer and admin of library of many kind to make sure we produce the better software out there in the market.

From a small school to huge university, a office library to public library we have taken care of every user and we have make sure that every library/ library business /renting business can use this software without any problem.

    Need Library Management Software for your library? 

There are numbers of changes we have done in this new version CodeAchi LMS v6.0 to make this software even better from it’s earlier versions. In this blog we will be discussing about this software in details which will be helpful to understand the software, its features, pricing and also you can use this blog as a user-guide as well.

Let us start with few question and answers:

  • Who can use CodeAchi Library Management System?

Ans. Any organization wants to manage their library with a computerized system can use CodeAchi LMS. This  software is being used by Schools, Colleges, Universities, Public libraries, renting business(Any business that take rent on a product like House rent, Advertising hording on rent etc.) and also many companies in their office library.

  • How many modules available in Codeachi LMS?

Ans. The following Modules available in this software:

a. Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)
b. Cataloguing
c. Acquisition
d. Search Options
f. Reports
g. Data entry, Data backup & Data restore
h. Barcode Printing Module
i. Multiple System Support
j. Payment collection Module
k. Fine collection Module
l. Circulations
m. Notification Module

  • What are the hardware required to run this software?

Ans. This software require very minimum hardware configuration in computer. However, it is recommended to use at least 2.2 GHz or more of CPU, 4GB or more RAM, 15 GB of Hard drive space to get the best performance. One barcode reader per stations and one A4 size Printer is required for printing barcodes and reports. Any barcode reader and printer is supported by CodeAchi LMS. It is recommended to use a laser-jet printer for best quality of barcode printing.

  • There are three licences of codeachi lms on the , What is the best version of CodeAchi Library Management System?

Ans.The best license version of CodeAchi Library Management System, is the Colossal version. It is because, we are providing all the elite features. In the Colossal version, we are providing the best features which includes free support till one year. In addition, Colossal version  provide records up to  25000 books. It is highly recommended for you to opt for Colossal feature for maximum benefits.

  • How do I know that it is suitable License for my library?

Ans. Assuming you are a librarian or a library staff,you are the best judge.However, while selecting any software product for your library, you must pay attention to some key factors.

i)Number of users

ii)Number of books

iii)Ease of use

iv)Cost effectiveness

CodeAchi Library Management Software passes all tests. No other product gives you the luxury of unlimited users and unlimited books. Plus, you do not require specialized training. All your staff can handle the software, in the same way they handle their mobile phones. In matter of cost effectiveness, CodeAchi Library Management System is an absolute value for money.

  • How secure is CodeAchi Library Management Software?

Ans. Security comes first, always. We prioritize on that. CodeAchi Library Management Software is  built with dedication, so that your data is safe from external threats and abuses. Our software facilitates end to end encryption, in order, to safeguard you against third party breach of security. We are also providing the software in offline version as well, which further detaches your contact with internet.

  • In case of a loss of data, is there a back up available?

Ans. Yes, there is. We understand the vital importance of your data. In case your data is lost or damaged or accidentally deleted, you may go to the data restore function. This unique facility lets you get back your lost data without having to worry much.

  • Any special license required to run the software?

Ans.Well, you don’t exactly need a license or legal instrument, to run this software. But you must look into all legitimate matters to run a library. For example, university guidelines, international laws etc.

  • In case of support requirements, whom to contact?

Ans. We are their to support you 24X7. You can  ping us at the chat box or you can email us at your suitability. We have remote software that help our technical team to directly work on your issues, on your computer.

  • What is the pricing range for this software?

Ans. Please visit :

If there is further question you have feel free to write in the comment. Also contact our chat support for any instant support.

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