How to Install and Configure CodeAchi Library Management System V6.0.1

Installing and configuring CodeAchi Library Management System is very easy. This Library Software is self guided and you can configure it within 5 minute time! In this blog we will be discussing about installation and one time configuration.

Feel free to comment if you having any difficulties at any stage of your installation. Alternatively you can chat with our executive online for instant help!

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Downloading CodeAchi LMS 6.0

1. Downloading is very easy go to

2. Click on “Download”  (Make sure to download latest version).

3. Save File  “codeachi-library-setup.exe” .

Install CodeAchi LMS 6.0

You may get issues while installing this product with your antivirus, you can disable antivirus during installing and configuring this product. This is safe as long as you see Verified Publisher: CodeAchi Technologies Pvt. Ltd., do not install the file if you cannot see the Publisher sign.

1. Double click on the setup file you have downloaded earlier

codeachi varified publisher

Click on “Yes” to start the installation. Make sure Verified publisher is showing as “CodeAchi Technologies Pvt. Ltd.” This ensure you are installing the authenticated version of CodeAchi Library Software.

(This software may ask to install Microsoft Dot Net Framework if the required framework is not avilable, please install the framework to use this software. Microsoft Dot Net software is completely free and it does not effect anything to your existing programs)

2. Now you will be informed and hit next

3. Read the License Agreement carefully and if you accept then click on “I accept License Agreement” else close the installation.

4. In the next screen it will ask for install location, It is recommended to keep this as default. However,  you can change the location if you wish to.

5. Next screen you will be asked to chose icons folder you want to install. Keep this default and hit next

6. Next screen you will finally installing the software into the location. Hit Install and wait till it gets installed, this may take 30 to 60 seconds only.

7. Now, Installation is completed, you can open your software for the first time.

So, in next step we will be configuring the library settings, this is also a one time settings you have to perform in CodeAchi LMS. It is recommended to set it carefully as this data will get reflected into your Reports, Dashboard, Barcode labels and many other places and some can not be changed later.

Configure your Library Settings for CodeAchi LMS 6.0

Typically this is one time configuration and can be completed in 5 minute. We have taken care that you do not need to worry about configuration of your library details. Just follow the wizard to setup your library setting for the first time. You need internet at this stage, make sure you have a stable internet connection during configuration to get best experience.

  1. You can set the database location if you had previously installed the software and upgrading to 6.0. You can keep everything default and hit next.

2. In this screen setup your Institute or Organization details. This details will be reflected in your library dashboard and other various important places in the software. It is important to select your country during type from the drop down that will help you detect the currency for the library.

3. In this screen you will be setting administrator details, be careful as this data can not be changed later and use correct email as this email is going to be your Login ID for Your Library software as a admin. It is again important to select your country during type from the drop down that will help you detect the currency for the library.

4. You can set your currency for your library transactions. If you select a currency that will reflect for everywhere in the software. So, you might have issues on symbols of your currency, make sure your symbol font is available in your computer.

5. Now the final setting, Just put your password you want to set as admin password. Remember this password as you will be asked for this password from your next login to the system.

Done!! Welcome to the dashboard of your Library software.

If you had any difficulties at any stage please feel free to contact us in chat support, we will be more than happy to resolve the problem for you. You are welcome to comment any suggestion for this document.

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