Free library management software with barcode

Free library management software with barcode

Free library management software with barcode

If you are looking for free library management software with barcode then CodeAchi LMS is the best choice for you!

Not only free but this software also have paid version that unlocks the world of possibilities for a Liberian! It is very easy to download the software from the website and you can easily have the access to your free library management software with barcode

Here is the few feature for a library management software:

Library Management Software is software that sorts all your library functions. It improves efficient management of school, college, public libraries, corporate libraries and the like. A library management software makes the task easy for librarians, by reducing  excessive manual tasks  and giving way to effective  management of libraries. In addition, a library requires a considerable number of staffs to manage the process of borrowing and lending, as well as other services. At times, even when a single staff goes missing, the library process goes haywire. The cost of management which includes the staff pay can be reduced by using library management software.

Why you should invest in a library management software?

Top 3 reasons to invest in a library management software:


Storage of data is safe and secure while using a software. A stand alone library software is secure. As your data is safe from leaks outside your permission. In a cloud based software, you put all your data in a cloud storage, at the same time, you are risking it.

Reduce paper work

What comes to your mind when you think of a library? Registers, issues, returns. In short paperwork. Traditional libraries have been complicated with all the paper works. Librarians work becomes easy. The librarians can get to manage books issued, new admissions, book returns, fine calculations etc.

Saves time

Since many operations are done automatically, therefore, it can easily reduce the number of staffs can be easily reduced. It makes the library more efficient and productive in all aspects.


CodeAchi Library Management System features:

  • Hold record of different categories of items like Books, Journals, Newspapers, Magazines, cds etc.
  • Subject wise classification of books.
  • Quick and easy entry of books.
  • Record keeping vis-à-vis name of the book, author, publisher, year of publication complete information of a book like; Book name, Author name, Publisher’s name, Date/ Year of publication, Cost of the book, Book purchasing date/ Bill no.
  • Easy way to make a check-out.
  • Easy way to make a check-in.
  • Automatic fine calculation for late returns.
  • Different criteria for searching a book.
  • Different kind of reports like; total no. of books, no. of issued books, no. of journals, etc.
  • Books are issued to a particular member.
  • Final status of a book.

Why do you need  barcode based library management?

What is a Barcode based library Management System?

  • The system excludes the use of paper work by managing all the book information electronically.
  • Admin can keep updating the system by providing the new books arrival in system and their availability thus members will always get prompt answers from the librarian.
  • Well organized system of book arrangement with scope of different categories.

What is the advantage of CodeAchi Library Management System-a barcode based library system over other?

Under this framework in libraries has been in the vogue, since the libraries consider the idea of issuing library records to their customers. Manual framework has under gone exceptional changes yet they are not proficient to adapt up to the rising patterns. A portion of the significant challenges of manual framework are:

  1. a) It is hard to know the status of a specific book.
  2. b) Providing reservation for books is a monotonous activity.
  3. c) It is unmanageable to learn that to whom a specific book has been issued.
  4. d) To give a scope endorsement to a specific perused is very troublesome since the counter right hand should check borrower’s record and different archives to determine whether a specific book is pending against the borrower or not.
  5. e) Difficult to discover the status of a book.
  6. f) Charging and releasing of books are tedious, as stepping of due/return date and crafted by making different sections are to be completed.

Over coming the previously mentioned imperfections and different troubles, obviously better, productive and quick task of course framework has been conceivable with assistance of PC. With their speed and gigantic information stockpiling ability PCs can give productive and powerful dissemination work.

In CodeAchi Free Library Management Software with barcode the borrower displays before the counter right hand his library card and the book(s) to be acquired. The barcode reader inputs the character number of the borrower through console and initiates his database record. The barcode data recognizes the book and displays the details are fed and the book is issued/ returned to/by the borrower. The software, then, registers the due date for return, fine and reserves a spot against books.

In a manual framework it is hard to learn whether a specific book is issued or not and consequently saving a book turns into an awkward activity. Such issues don’t exist with the PCs. The database is constantly prepared for any inquiry. In this way, effortlessly, the whole task can happen with no loss of data and control. Be that as it may, even in mechanized flow framework, there is a requirement for dissemination staff to enter information like part code, promotion number, and so forth into the machine. This regularly hinders the whole procedure. Further, there might be information passage mistakes, which diminish the effectiveness of the framework

  1. a)      Accuracy;
  2. b)      Saves time;
  3. c)      Better stock verification;
  4. d)     Facilitates efficiency;
  5. e)      Reduces customer

The utilization of Barcode Technology, most likely, is an aid for library and data management. Its application, nonetheless, in a specific library ought to be all around arranged and thought of. Considering the cost effective ratio, installing a library management system with a barcode is wise step.

The operational expense reduces by taking out book cards and book pockets. The size of expected improvement of the presentation of the standardized identification innovation in a library with the computerization is legitimately relative to the size of its accumulation, the quantity of clients, and the quantity of exchanges every day. Hence, use of this innovation will improve the picture of the library and build up an inspirational mentality of clients towards the library.

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