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The government aided schools of West Bengal are facing a bleak future, as 75 schools all over the state will be shutting down soon, due to lack of infrastructure and dearth of students (Ref. ABP 5/3/2018). This gives a forewarning of things to come in near future if we don’t heed the signals now, that unless these schools are upgraded through development, human resource of this state will be greatly affected, which will be eventually detrimental to overall development of this state.
To counter this trend, CodeAchi group is tying up with National Laboratories to introduce a mission project "Smart Schools for Smart Future Leaders", where we have taken the initiative to help the applicant schools by facilitating organic mid-day meal, solar electricity, solar cooking, solar enabled smart toilets, solar water purifying systems, green transport, smart library along with organic farming, fisheries and animal husbandry associated with the schools or any other development required in rural areas.
This project, SINCHON can help the school benefit both financially and physically without any extra financial pressure on the school. Every year, the school can avail this grant by submitting a proposal for improving the school’s infrastructure and for uplifting the standard of its students. The school’s performance will be monitored annually and the sincerity in their effort for the betterment of the school can earn them the right to renew their registration after every five years.
We understand the schools are the backbone of our society and we are ready to improve the schools of West Bengal with the help of SINCHON project.

SINCHON ( সিঞ্চন : meaning watering) signifies watering the seeds. It needs minimum effort and care to grow the seeds into plants. With our grant on Clean Energy Technology, the project SINCHON will return the value to the schools in various forms just like a tree which not only provides oxygen but also fruits, flowers, woods, etc.

It in turn will build future leaders of the society and facilitate employment generation. CodeAchi believes we need to collaborate with each other to make this initiative a huge success and set a benchmark for the rest.

The following is the SINCHON project plan and CodeAchi will give support in following area:

  • Phase 1 : Training in Organic Farming, Organic Cooking with recipes and mid-day meal plan guided by the team of scientists from national labotories.
  • Phase 2 : Solar Power Tree installation & Purified Drinking Water Kit installation.
  • Phase 3 : Smart Toilet installation.
  • Phase 4 : Smart Library.
  • Phase 5 : Other specified development as requested in EOI.
  • So clearly, this project Sinchon offers a bounty for the schools, and at the end of the Phase 4, the schools and associated SHGs will be benefitted in return without any extra financial burden.

    So, enroll and submit EOI to CodeAchi Technologies Pvt. Ltd. online, for betterment of your school and society.

    Terms & Conditions (enrolment) :

    EOI provider must note , CodeAchi Technologies Pvt. Ltd. holds the right to grant or disqualify any enrolment at any stage. EOI provider is responsible for any kind of corrupted or wrong data inserted during the enrolment, which may disqualify the enrolment. For Data integration,EOI provider must pay an one time processing fees of Rs. 122/- only for further process. Processing fees is non-refundable or transferable to any other party under any circumstances. And for legal works, and Documentation purpose EOI provider school have to pay Rs.2000/- only before 15 days of agreement, This amount is refundable, if agreement is not made. Terms of agreement will be provided to EOI provider if the basic qualification is fulfilled by the concerned school/organisation for granting of SINCHON guidelines. CodeAchi Can use the name/logo of the schools to highlight this project, so it is also considered CodeAchi holds the right to use the logo/name once the EOI has been submitted, EOI provider must do the necessary arrangements if required. Our Terms and Condition may change if CodeAchi Technologies Pvt. Ltd. feels necessary to change at any time. EOI provider must agree even the changes are made else the existing EOI may disqualify. It is EOI provider's responsibility to notify us if they are disagree with the Terms and condition so that Company can take proper action.

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    01/07/2019: As decided, Schools who have been disqualified from the Sinchon Clean Energy Technology Grant have been automatically enrolled for: Sinchon Innovation Promotion Grant: Rs.250/Month Initially for 3 months.


    Sinchon Scientific Evolution Grant: Rs. 2500/Month Initially for 3 months. (Who have submitted PowerPoint Presentation within 15/02/2019, only) For details please check your registered email
    Note : If you're having technical trouble with your registration Please contact: +91-9593852255.

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